Sunday, October 5, 2014

Doctor Who Trivia Game

     So, if you've been keeping up with the latest season of Doctor Who, you have seen the commercial breaks talking about .Make sure you do .tv, or it doesn't work.
     Anyway, this game has trivia questions about the episode, previous episodes, and my favorite, the Classic Doctor episodes. The one I've seen mentioned the most is the Fourth Doctor. If you haven't seen him, he wears a colorful scarf and is addicted to jelly bellies. This trivia game is for those Whovians, the ones that have watched all the episodes they can of the First Doctor to the latest Doctor. I suggest watching as many Classic Doctor episodes as you can before trying to answer a trivia round.
     I forgot to mention that if you record your Doctor Who episodes and watch them after they were aired, its okay, you can still go on te site, play a round from any episode, and once you have played round 1, it lets you move on to round 2, and so on. If you play it live, you have to wait for each round to unlock.


This is the logo for the new series on Fox. Gotham, the story of Batman's home town starts the night of the Wayne's murder. It goes on to tell all about what Gotham was like before Batman showed up. I've heard that we see people who could possibly end up turning into the Joker, and there is probably other openings for villains as well.
This new series aired Sept. 22nd, and new episodes are Monday, 8/7c. Make sure to check it out!