Friday, September 9, 2016

DC Comics Suicide Squad

So, I've heard a lot of mixed reactions about Suicide Squad. In my opinion, the movie had a lot going for it. Great characters, amazing special effects, an awesome villain that was a bit unexpected, and maybe just a little bit decent character development. I think they tried to fit too many character backgrounds into a single movie. Harley Quinn's new look was great, though, and Deadshot had a really beautiful backstory, but there were a few kinks in the overall movie. Let me know what you thought of it below.

Doctor Strange-Marvel's Newest Reboot

Who didn't love Doctor Strange in the old comics. The quirky dude that seemed to have a solution for everything and often sent our favorite heroes on journey's to help stop magical threats. The new Doctor Strange movie is coming out on November 4th this year (2016) so be sure to let me know what you thought of it.